Strange World Mod APK (Unlimited Money) 2022

Strange World Mod APK combines adventure, real-time strategy, role-playing, and team-building activities. In contrast to Earth, where the majority of humanity are monster, you will be one of the rare survivors. Your goal in this area where there are no other humans but you and other survivors scattered throughout the world is to find them all so that they may gather together as a team capable of living for extended periods while investigating what this planet might be!

File Info

NameStrange World Mod APK
Current Version 1.0.20
Size 125 MB
Requirements Android 5.0 and up
Developer Seasun Game Corporation limited
Category Strategy

Strange World Mod APK

Strange World – Offline Survival RTS Game is a tactical real-time strategy game with a compelling, intriguing plot. The player must guide multiple characters through thirty stages of perilous terrain. The heroes are building shelters and gathering resources and supplies. They will also be able to do research and build hunting and weapon-making tools. Each of the 16 available units has its talents and stats boosted. All of this will help the characters solve all of the universe’s mysteries while keeping them alive.


Strange World Mod APK Features

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  • Offline Survival RTS Game

As soon as you set foot on this planet, you will be confronted with the greatest tragedy in human history. The world you know is no longer beautiful; rather, it is a damaged world devoid of any evidence of modern existence. The monsters were the only thing that remained after everything had been vandalized. Since the majority of the human species has been extinct, just a few fortunate individuals survive.

You are one of them. And your current objective is to uncover what caused that catastrophe to occur on this planet. even the faintest glimmer of optimism that you may once again uncover a way to preserve the planet or, at the very least, save the human species from annihilation at the hands of monsters.

Strange World Mod APK2

  • 4 different characters in over 16 characters

The gameplay in this game is quite simple because all you have to do is lead a group of fighters in battle. There is no major war here, and no country’s interests are at risk. To survive the dying moments, humans must face animals and the environment. Combat is possible between four characters controlled by the player. They will use all of their strength to help this team win.

Each of these characters has a distinct skill set. Players will need to keep an eye on and calculate their characters’ strengths to prepare them for battle. The avatars of these characters will appear on the left side of the screen. Select the avatar of the individual whose skills you want to use. This will be a team fight and survival game played in real-time.

  • Nice 3D Graphics, Sounds

You’ll get more than 30 different stages in the game, all of which are set in various locations. It will enable you to gradually comprehend the narrative that resulted in both this catastrophe and the extinction of humanity.

Players will also be able to summon more than 16 characters to serve as teammates. As mentioned, each of these characters has a unique talent and ability. A combination of 4 characters from among the 16 heroes will result in uncommon combinations that will require a lot of practice to master.

Strange World Mod APK1

key Features:

  • The harsh conditions of the survival genre mix with real-time strategy!
  • In fight and survival, you can control up to four different characters at once!
  • With over 16 characters to pick from, each with their own set of skills and attributes, you can put together the ideal squad for the job!
  • Over 30 unique stages gradually reveal the mysteries behind the Strange World.
  • Level up your characters to improve their battle and survival powers!
  • Create a deadly army of weapons and unique items for your characters to swing the tide of battle!
  • Over 40 Hours of Exciting Gameplay
  • Manage your group’s well-being by gathering and searching for food while fulfilling assignments!

Download Strange World MOD APK

How to Download Strange World Mod APK for Android? It is simple; simply follow the instructions, and you can play on cell phones, iPads, tablets, iOS, and other devices.

  • Firstly, download Strange World for Android, go to the settings > and security>, and enable the “Unknown sources” because Android devices don’t allow Mod features.
  • Secondly, press the download button, and the downloading will start on your devices.
  • Thirdly, it shows you a warning sign but ignores and installs it.
  • Finally, after the installation is complete, you will have an APK mod game icon on your screen. Open it, and enjoy.

Note: It is 100% safe.

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Is Strange World safe to play?

Strange World Mod was examined by our Anti-Malware platform, and no viruses were found, making it 100% secure. AOL Active Virus Shield, Avast! AVG, Clam Antivirus, and other antivirus programs are part of the platform. Applications are filtered by our anti-malware engine and categorized using our criteria. Therefore, installing Strange World Mod APK from our website is completely secure. So, Download the Free Strange World Mod APK from this site and make fun!

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