Hunting Clash Mod APK (Unlimited Money) 2022

Today we shared the hobby-based game in the moded form that is a favorite game for hunting lovers. If you are a hunting lover but have no time to go outside and enjoy your hobby then this game is perfect for you. Don’t waste or wait for vacation just download the Hunting Clash Mod APK and play with multiple players from the whole world. Show your skills in front of them and tell everyone who is the best at hunting. Hunt your favorite animal and enjoy it with friends. We also shared more sports game lists on this site you can also visit and download them on your devices all of these are free and with unlimited features such as Golf Clash Mod APK, Baseball Clash Mod APK, and Homerun Clash Mod APK.

File Info

NameHunting Clash Mod APK
Current Version3.0.0
Size122.42 MB
RequiremntsAndroid 6.0+
DeveloperTen Square Games

Hunting Clash Mod APK

It is a Simulation game with exciting features. In this game, players will travel to different places and explore their favorite places where they want to hunt the animals. It is the most realistic game with many animals such as deer, loin, wolves, bears, elk, ducks, and many more other animals which you want.

This exciting game is published by Ten Square Games, who developed suitable graphics and other features which are perfectly suitable for every age group.


How to play Hunting Clash Mod APK? it is easy to play and control gameplay for you. In this game, you will travel and explore different places. To become the expert player in the hunting world. Your main goal is hunting the high-value animal and winning. Target the bigger animal and win from your opponents.

The character will be controlled by you, and you’ll have access to weapons right away. You only need to focus on the two buttons that move the observation angle and shot the target because the character is already aiming. When you push the button to start the game. To help in accurate shooting, you are free to adjust the angle of vision and the gun’s magnification will likewise rise. You will attack once all the necessary components have been taken care of, and after the hunting session, you will view the results.

Play your favorite game hunting Clash Mod APK on your favorite devices such as android, iOS, pc, and laptops. Play and make your life fully adventurous and exciting. Also, play an exciting game Jungle Clash Mod APK.


Hunting Clash Mod APK Features

To make this gameplay easy and more exciting the developer shared some features and if you download from this site then you will get the free and unlimited amount of premium features in free.

  • Hunt Your Target

Hunting Clash features a beautiful user interface, and you can observe the character that has appeared on a certain hunting site. Simply click the Hunt button to start hunting, and the character will start aiming right away. Be sure to adjust your viewing angle correctly. Several targets will simultaneously come into your line of sight; you should shoot at the relevant body area to eliminate them right away. You can obtain a special animal and learn the precise percentage of each shot as well as the amount of money you win at each stage.

To access additional places with stunning appearances and varied natural elements, you will therefore try to advance through the level. If you’re fortunate, it’s also your chance to encounter new animals. The creatures you hunt will thereafter be represented in your collection of lure cards.


  • Choose Your Weapons

To hunt big animals like bears, lions, etc., you require the best weapons and weaponry. Additionally, “Hunting Clash” is a shooting game, therefore the variety of weapons is crucial for keeping players entertained. Once they have enough money, players can unlock any choice with the use of a robust weapon system that is characteristic of the hunting rifle genre.

Additionally, each weapon may be customized by adding extras like decorations, upgrades, and attachments. The user will have a lot of fun playing the game with just the aforementioned elements alone, and even each weapon will have unique features like ammo capacity, damage, speed, etc.

  • Join Hunter Clubs

There are many clubs for learning and enjoying your hunting game on your smart gadgets. Together with other members of your club, you can engage in PVP dueling. There are numerous clubs that you and your friends can join.

  • Invite Your Friends

You can also invite your friends and play with them. It is an online game and it is also downloaded by millions+ of people from the whole world. Also, make new friends by using the chat option. Make more fun with your new and old friends.

  • Players VS Players Battle

Who said that game hunting is a solo sport? Playing cooperatively makes hunting games much more interesting! Join others in a shooting duel while deer hunting in a 1v1 PvP match. You climb the leaderboards of PvP games thanks to the “call of the wild.” In this animal shooting game, master shooting battles, gather legendary treasure, and prove your superiority.

  • Collection of Lure Cards

The lure card in Hunting Clash is a component that will assist you in meeting higher-value animals. You can choose the thing you want to chase using the lure card, which is an advantage in various player game types, including Championship. You must also acquire a comparable amount of cards to raise the card’s degree of effectiveness, which will boost its efficiency. Additionally, the prey you capture will assist you in obtaining a lure card.


  • Impressive Hunting Locations

Hunting Clash Gives us an impressive exciting hunting location for every player. Furthermore, hunt in the woods of Montana, in the cold forest of Kamchatka, embark on a hunting safari in Africa (Namibia), and many other locations.

  • Shooting Game for a Mobile Phone

Play the real sniper shooting in the desert. Target the wild animals and shoot them. Such as deer, loin, wolves, bears, elk, ducks, and many other animals. So, choose your animal and aim and shoot them. Animal hunter games are a mix of shooting games and sniper genres.

  • Compete With Other Hunter

In the online game Hunting Clash, players demonstrate their hunting prowess by earning points for each successful hunt. The player must shoot precisely in the least amount of time if they wish to showcase their abilities. The game will also feature numerous time-limited events where hunters who do well will be rewarded with a variety of tempting items, including guns and equipment. To balance the level of competition among hunters, every action a player takes during events, quests, and challenges will be logged, and their achievements will be reset after a week.

  • Hunt or to be Hunted

A hunter’s life is risky since they may encounter mild animals to hunt every day or may encounter violent animals to hunt them. As a result, hunters will have a variety of options for hunting and may even be prepared to become their victims at any time. The player’s capacity for observation will determine whether they are the hunter or the prey when playing this game. Even if there are several animals in the game, players can still kill them with the right shot.

  • Get Hunting Dogs

A hunter’s best friend is their dog. Although you are the one doing the filthy work of killing animals, a hunting dog could be useful! Purchase one, train it, and earn benefits for particular hunting games. It’s a tremendous pleasure to go big game hunting with such a reliable ally.

Mod Features

Unlimited Money

Unlimited Gems

Unlocked Everything


No Purchase

Download Hunting Clash Mod APK            

How to download Hunting Clash Mod APK? It is a friendly developed mobile game with exciting features. We shared all the steps which you should follow to download correctly without any issues.

  • Firstly, you have to go to your Android device setting.
  • Secondly, go to the security option and enable the ‘’Unknown source’’ because Android doesn’t allow the installation of this type of mod.
  • Thirdly, press the download button of this post.
  • Fourth, downloading starts and after completing your device will give you a warning notification but you will ignore it.
  • Finally, you have a Hunting Clash Mod APK icon on-screen open it, and enjoy your favorite sports game as the original one in advanced features.

Note: It is a 100% safe and free purchase game.


Here, we provide you with hunting Clash Mod APK for Android. It is simple but has a little bit of interesting gameplay. Play on your smart devices the best mobile game hunting clash on android, iOS, pc, laptops, tablets, and ipads. Download this free latest version of hunting clash and play with your all friends and also make new ones from all over the world. Don’t look for a vacation or wait for anything. Just press the download button and get the exciting featured game from this site Have fun guys!

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