Download Clash of War Mod APK (Unlimited Diamonds) 2022

Are you looking for a multiplayer game? Your wait is over you on the right place. We are providing you with an amazing game that is Royale Clans_ Clash of War Mod APK. This is a fantastic game based on the military subject. Here, you can get units that will help to fight your enemy. Its modded Latest version will give you unlimited Diamonds and new different types of Troops. You can also visit more strategy games such as Clash of Sultans Mod APK, Clash of Bellonas Mod APK, and Clash of Avengers Mod APK.

File Info

NameClash of War Mod APK
Current Version1.1.24
Size46.75 MB
Requirements5.0 and up
DeveloperLanqiao Team

Clash of War Mod APK

It is a strategy game based on the military subject and epic battle time. In this game, many characters are present such as Salamander, Pocket Zombies, Mummies, Pixel Dragon, Knight, and Robots. And the player has the tasks to complete on time to rank up.

At the very start, every Player should make the building and have to protect them and defend this by fighting with enemies. The most important thing for new players is that practice with robots. So, to play well and rank up make practice more and more before reach to the older players.


First, the user is allowed to warm up, understand the intricacies, and get a hand in three battles with a computer enemy. The gameplay of Royale Clans: Clash of War is straightforward and straightforward. Each player is given three towers, to begin with: one in the middle and two on either side. Your goal is to send your soldiers to the enemy’s middle tower and destroy it. Each game lasts roughly three minutes, after which one player must emerge triumphant by destroying the most towers of their opponent.

You can use as many different troops as you like in Royale Clans: Clash of War, but you must first unlock them. You gather cards to unlock new soldiers and level them up. As you gain victory after victory, those cards will be hidden within each chest you earn. To be honest, this game is a carbon copy of Clash Royale.

Each unit in Royale Clans: Clash of War has a unique set of characteristics, including life points, assault distance, deployment time, and speed. As you go through the levels, these traits strengthen. Some units also come with a set of particular rules that you must rapidly learn to grasp to fully utilize them.

The online multiplayer strategy game Royale Clans: Clash of War is a lot of fun. You’ll play game after game, anytime, anyplace. So, make fun in your life with your best buddies with new and updated features.


Clash of War Mod APK Features

Royale Clans- Clash of War Mod APK has many exciting features. These are helpful for every player if they download and install Mod APK Game from this site Happy Mod Clash. You can get these free of cost without spending real money and time. Let’s see these Amazing Features Which will help you to win over your opponents.

  • Unlimited Diamonds

Clash of War gives us Unlimited diamonds which we can use to build buildings. Also, players can you these to maintain their position and upgrade their resources. Users don’t need to spend their real money to buy these from the game store and wait for them. Just download and install it from happy mod clash and enjoy it. Users can get by completing their tasks.

  • Upgrade by Uniting

It is a tip for every user and the feature is an instant upgrade without the wait or spending money. With just one click and merging the two soldiers are upgraded with new energy has to play against enemies.

  • Worldwide Battle

Its new feature is users can make battles with all players who are playing from all over the world. Due to this popularity, millions of people download Clash of War Mod APK on their devices. So, enjoy this opportunity with play different people and add them to your friend list.

  • Real-Time Battle

In this Mod APK Game, players can fight in real-time battles. When the war starts players feel like they are in a real-life battle. Also, you are a commander of your troops make orders, and enjoy your leadership life. Which you are dreaming about in your life.

  • Challenge Hundred Players

This is an exciting thing that hundreds of players are ready to play every time to get the glory of Crown. So, don’t miss the chance to play with them. When you are ready to bite the other player those who are your enemies challenge them and destroy them completely and get ranking and reach a higher level.

  • Collect the Chests

When the players fight with their opponents and win the Royale Clans give you Chests as a prize. So, to collect the chests practice with lower-level players and start collecting and also get ranking. Through this also collect the cards and also users can upgrade these which they already have. Use these in the wars to win against their opponents.

  • Attractive Graph and Sound

It gives us an amazing graph that feels us these all happen in the real life. It’s a dreaming life in real-life fun. This is fantastic for every user. And its sound is also amazing. What are you waiting for? Just press the download button and install it and enjoy your dream life.

  • No Ads

Everyone is fed-up due to unnecessary ads. These make the users boring and sometimes out of mind. But if you download clash of war from this site happy mod clash. We are sure that you will not face this problem during playing this game. We also provide you with some more exciting ads-free games such as clash of Lords1 and Clash of Lords2 Mod APK.

  • Clash of War for Android

The game is now available for Android smartphones, which is a huge plus. This is a terrific idea, and it’s completely free. It’s also available on iPhones and iPad. So, it’s on your phone with your closest friends.

Clash of Wars Mod APK

  • Survive in Various Arena

It is the tip for every player to become a true hero of the Royale Clans-Clash of War and try to survive in the various Arena and defend yourself from the other opponents and also defend from the blocks and magic.

How to Download Clash of War Mod APK?

If you don’t know about it how to download and install this Mod APK game on your devices. Don’t worry this site Happy Mod Clash provides you with all steps which will help you install it on your device. You should follow all the given steps.

  • Firstly, download Clash of War for Android, go to the settings > and security > and enable the “Unknown sources” because Android devices don’t allow Mod features.
  • Secondly, press the download button, and the downloading Mod APK game will start on your devices.
  • Thirdly, it shows you a warning sign but ignores and installs it.
  • Finally, after the installation is complete, you will have a Mod APK game icon on your screen. Open it, and enjoy.

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Clash of War Mod APK latest version is a fantastic game that provides you with Unlimited Diamonds and unlocked everything and levels. Now you can use this unlimited everything to upgrade and level up and win against your opponents. We provide you Ads-free game. Enjoy this game with your older and new friends. So, don’t forget to press the button for download from the happy mod clash site. Download and install it and add more fun to your daily life.

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