Download Clash of Sultans Mod APK (Unlimited Gems/Resources) 2022

As you know, the Clash family’s games such as Clash of Empire, Clash of Clans, Clash Royale, and Null’s Clash. It is also a clash of games that have fantastic names. It is highly in demand for their name, Clash of Sultans Mod APK. Because Its name shows us that it is an empire simulation game. This strategy game can be downloaded for Android, iOS, PC, and laptops. With unlimited gems, coins, elixir, and unlimited resources for upgrading your fun.

File Info

NameClash of Sultans Mod APK
Current Version1.1.7
Size 54.77 MB
RequirementsAndroid 4.1 and up
installs 500,000,00+
Category Strategy

Clash of Sultans MOD APK

This is based on the Ottoman empire’s history. In addition, you will fight and perform like Sultan and sultana. In this, you will see all about the historical scenes. This game has a historical empire theme to feel like players are going into history.

This Clash of Sultans APK will put your leadership skills to the test as you implement new ideas. You will play as a leader and expand your kingdom, training your army to fight with enemies and with connected friends in this game.

If you perform like Sultan and Sultana, don’t worry about this. How will you play with strategy to win? In Clash of Sultans APK mod, you should have complete focus on it and don’t make decisions quickly. Behave like a leader. To get the resources and your different favorite weapons, play well and make new ideas to win. Look around your kingdom to see where you can take the lead.

You have the opportunity to show your expertise by making judgments in any situation, just like an empire. Here, Players utilize their army against the enemy as an empire in this, with the possibility to receive amazing rewards every time. In addition, players form allies to help them in the war.

In this case, you will have unlimited features to play with, like unlimited coins and gems to play with and upgrade the ranking. With unlimited resources, you don’t need to pay in the game store for these and many other fantastic features. In this digital mind world, it is also called a “roleplay” game.


Sultan and sultana’s life

This game starts with the Sultan’s death. When the sultan is about to die, he decides to make a ruler to protect the kingdom. In this, you also have domain enemies, like in real life, a sultan has. Some show themselves as exploiters and try to distract you.

As a sultan, you will face different problems like finance, military force, agriculture, and justice. Like all the other strategy games, it also has tasks to upgrade. After every completed task, which makes your game more interesting, you get the coins, gems, and other resources to build your kingdom or expand your area.

You can enjoy the sultan’s royal life and get married and also make a family like real life. Players grow all their children for the next ruler. Here, players also enjoy the Turkish food and drinks in this Clash of Sultans Mod APK. In this user feel full like a sultan or sultana.

Clash of Sultans Mod APK

Clash of Sultans Mod APK Features

Here are many fantastic features of Clash of Sultans Mod APK.

  • 3D graph

It has a 3D graph and the sultan’s life historical senses for attraction, and royal life feelings for players. Because these are developed to engage the players with adventurous tasks.

  • Unlimited everything

In Clash of Sultans Mod APK, everything is unlimited here for easy play.  In this players get unlimited coins, unlimited diamonds, and Unlimited resources. You can purchase whatever you want in his game. Due to Mod APK, you don’t need to spend your real money and wait to regenerate these amazing unlimited things to win.

  • Real-time PVP battle

Real-time Battles happen in real-time on the map. Users can see the ally going to attack them. Then, the players send the troops to defend, and during this time, the players launch a surprise counterattack on the attackers. When they complete the never-ending revenge trail, they are called Sultans.

  • Freely migrate

Players can easily migrate from one place to another. Keep searching for a suitable place to make a kingdom. And live like an empire.

  • Game for Arabians

Here, this game is based on the sultan’s historical mindset. Experience a fresh and original style in both construction and combat action with a beautiful Arabian theme full of mystery and magic!

  • Rule your empire as sultan

Here, the user will become a sultan and rule his empire by dealing with other countries with their finance, military, and agricultural issues. In addition, making friends and enemies make it more adventurous. You can use allies to support yourself against your rivals.

  • Unlocked character and costume

The Clash of Sultans Mod APK has an amazing feature for you that you don’t need to spend money to get different characters and dresses. Players can enjoy more with this feature more. It may give you strength and improve your army.

  • Unlimited wardrobe

The more thing is that you have different weapons, shields, and swords to make or show you stronger than your enemies and friends. But you have to use these carefully at the right time to become more powerful.

  • Fly the flag

In this unique kingdom, war play flies your flag, announces the war with others in real-time, and sets out to conquer the world.

  • A massive world with a broad range of quest

Through this feature, you can make fun of Escort caravans, battle monsters, rescue prisoners, and uncover buried wealth.

  • Choice army wisely

Powerful warriors await your command, train long-range cavalry infantry units or siege vehicles with your formation tactics, and the victory will be yours!

  • Sultan guide story

After downloading you’re a beginner and don’t need to worry about this how you will play all instructions will give to you at the start of the game. At the start, the plot there and storyline show explain in simple words how to secure yourself from your enemies.

  •  Marriage and family life

In Clash of Sultans Mod APK, player arranges their luxurious wedding. Users can move across the kingdom and find a wife to marry. And also give birth to new children to continue the rules. Furthermore, you will raise your children and their pets. You can make a full family in real life.

Clash of Sultans Mod APK

  • Siege of the Sultan’s Palace

A sultan without his palace was impossible. In this Mod APK, you can rise like a king and enjoy it by changing its name.

  • Build your empire

The foundation of a strong army is a well-functioning city! Upgrade buildings, research technologies, and train troops to stay ahead!

  • Cheat with friends and allies

With real-time translation, you can chat with anybody from anywhere! Use the Kingdom Chat Guild Chat or build your chat group!

  • No ads

Here, Clash of Sultans Mod APK players don’ have ads that are not going to disturb your game. Users don’t have a single view ad to earn rewards. But this feature makes you excited to play this game and make fun of it.

  • Different themes

It gives us different themes to play with. You can play war on the ocean as well as in the desert. This game offers the players the opportunity to play cross-server every three weeks. It is important to take part in the union because it may rank you in the top third.

  • Unisexual game of sultan

Clash of the Sultans Mod APK gives this amazing feature. In other games, only a male is the leader, but here players choose a male or female leader as per their wish and enjoy their game.

Clash of Sultans Mod APK

Download Clash of Sultans Mod APK

How do you download this strategy game on your different devices? You should follow these steps to install it properly without facing any single problem.

  • Firstly, download for Android, go to the settings > and security > and enable the “Unknown sources” because Android devices don’t allow Mod features.
  • Secondly, press the download button, and the downloading will start on your devices.
  • Thirdly, it shows you a warning sign but ignores and installs it.
  • Finally, after the installation is complete, you will have a game icon on your screen. Open it, and enjoy.


Clash of Sultans Mod APK gives us a real feeling of history with exciting new features that make it more reliable for everyone to play. It gives us ad-free and unlimited coins, money, unlimited gems, diamonds, and many other unlimited resources. Here, everything is free for all players.

That game gives a real life of a sultan or sultana. Also, enjoy and celebrate the real-life events in the game to make a great level of fun. It is safe to use it will not damage your devices. It is available to download for Android, iOS, PC, and laptops. That makes it more fun.

It will generate the skill of leadership in you for playing this mod APK game. In this game, you will get rewards for appreciating your skill and the effects it has on your palace and troops.

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