Clash of Mafia APK (Mod Unlimited Money/Mod Bosses) 2022

Are you looking for a game where you perform like an underworld boss? You are in the right place we are providing you with Clash of Mafia Mod APK. Your dream become true after this game. If you download clash of Mafia Mod APK Current Version from this happy mod clash you will get Unlimited Cash and Gold and many other free mod features that will help you to become an underworld boss. We also shared more Mod APK free Clash of Wizards Mod APK, and Clash of Lords Mod APK.

File Info

NameClash of Mafia Mod APK
Current Version1.0.65
RequirementsAndroid 2.3 And Up

Clash of Mafia Mod APK

It is a strategy game you have to play with a sharp mind to compete with your opponents. As its name shows it’s all about the gang-making and killing game as we see in the movies. This game is related to the tactical RPG genre. When you enter the gameplay, you feel like you’re the boss of a large gang. And also, you can use the money to make it larger. Through, your sharp mind and planning you will slowly control the different places like cities and control on the underworld.

Here, a city is based on money and power. You can select the audience until the game ends. And you have to make strong plans to climb up and become the godfather of the game. There are many other gang members present because this game is played all over the world. Before starting this game, you have to choose the weapons for your character who represent you.

Mafia Clash Mod APK Latest version is now available for different devices such as Clash of Mafia for Android, iOS, Tablets, and Laptops. It is developed by the expert developer IGG.COM. They develop for us to enjoy our imagination and movies live in the real life. It also gives us unlimited and modded features that will help the user to play well. Just you have to download and install Clash of Mafia Mod APK from the happy mod clash site.


Clash of Mafia Mod APK Features

This Mod APK game gives us Unlimited Modded features that make more excited to users. When you play this game, you feel real enjoyment of the strategy game. It is free of cost and unlimited and unlocked.


  • Unlimited Gold

In addition, you use the cash of Mafia Mod APK Unlimited Gold to make significant gangs and construct the new buildings. If you download from here happy mod clash, you will have infinite amounts of Gold in your game bank. You are rich. You don’t need to buy new gold to spend your real money and wait for these.

  • Unlimited Cash

Are you worried about money? So, don’t worry just download Mafia City Mod APK unlimited money in the form of cash. You can use it to train your troops in other words your gang. If you want this so press the download button and install it and train your army against your enemies.

  • Graphics and Sounds

If you are looking for a real-life feeling game for enjoyment. Your wait ends we provide you this Mafia City Mod APK game with great graphics and its sound is amazing. You will feel these are all happening in the real. it is the new addition to this Mod APK game.

  • Advanced Weapons

This Mod APK game gives us unlocked and advanced weapons. These help to make your game easier and easier for you. when you start your game, you have to choose weapons for your character to kill your enemies.

  • Clash of Mafia Mod APK all unlocked

It gives Clash of Mafia Mod APK unlimited money and gems unlocked without any problem. Users can get all these unlocked things, especially all levels, without waiting for levels.

  • Build your Base

The most important thing to play the game is to build your base first. Before spreading terror among the other gangs. You can play well with this its means here you can train your army. When you are ready to kill the other gangs then come out and bite them and destroy them completely. According to these facts, you can win many wars against your opponents.

Clash of Mafia Mod APK

  • Fight with Gang

Furthermore, to spread your territory and reputation, you have to fight with other gangs. But the main point is to rise and you have the strength to fight with others. If you have low strength as compared to your opponents they win and spread territory and make a reputation. And maybe they destroy you completely. Be careful about it. Tip: Fight with new and lower strengthen gangs to become godfathers of the underworld.

  • Purchase VIP Status

In addition, the new feature is Purchase VIP Status. Gold is the currency of this Mafia City game. You can get everything by spending these golds. If you don’t have gold, you will spend your real money to purchase VIP status. But happy mod clash gives you unlimited gold. Use these and get VIP status. It is an advantage for every VIP player. To get more resources in a short period. So, don’t waste your gold on chicks and invest into purchase VIP time/status.

  • No Ads

Clash of Mafia Mod APK no Ads is now available for everyone who downloads from this site. When ads come during the game that makes the game boring and annoying. But if you download Mod APK Game By Happy Mod Clash you will enjoy an ads-free game in your time all over the world players.

  • Task Day

Mafia Clash Mod APK entertain you in the real meaning it gives you task every day. You have to complete these tasks on time. Such as, some help other clanmates and or spend some resources. When you complete your Contract task you will get points that are important for you to rank up among other players.

Furthermore, when you reach the 30 points you can open the loot crates. And when you sign in for the new game you will get 5 points without any effort. This game is easier with this Mod APK latest version.

  • Bonus Points for Beautiful Girls and Intuition

In addition, to the Mafia City Mod APK, the developer increases the number of features. In this feature in the game, beautiful girls are called babies. These girls help you to earn more income. To get rewards, you must correctly identify diamond placement beneath glasses many times. You won’t be able to collect rewards endlessly because the total number of attempts is limited. Keeping track of the actions of the glasses at the same time is difficult – everything happens too rapidly.

  • Choose Clan

Furthermore here, are four different clans you have to choose from. These are in Gangsters’ world Mafia city. Let’s see the details

  • Brutal bikers who like scaring and harming the rule of citizens. They have no trouble dealing with enemies. You can become a member of the Night Wolves clan and do dangerous tasks.
  • When they can, these deadly thieves reach into their pockets for guns. They have no fear and are always involved in the most intense battles. Many gamers privately regard this ruthless clan as Mafia City’s most intriguing.
  • This family handed the city lots of new well-known killers. If everything else fails, use silent and deadly killers to solve all of your issues.
  • Hooligans who ride their bikes on city streets. We can reach any position on the game map in a matter of minutes thanks to sophisticated engines. They cover vast territories with roofs and dislike outsiders.

Clash-of-Mafias-Mod- APK

The Key Points

  • Extend your base and fight for additional turf with Territory Expansion! The universe is your box, so take advantage of it!
  • Brains and Brawn: Win fights with traps and technology! You can crush your foes without lifting a finger if you use the appropriate method.

How Download Clash of Mafia Mod APK Android?

Clash of Mafia Mod APK Download unlimited everything for Android, the latest version from this site happy mod clash. You can get unlimited and unlocked exciting surprises. To get just follow these given steps and download and install it on your favorite devices.

  • Firstly, download Mod APK for Android, go to the settings > and security > and enable the “Unknown sources” because Android devices don’t allow Mod features.
  • Secondly, press the download button, and the downloading of the Mod APK game will start on your devices.
  • Thirdly, it shows you a warning sign but ignores and installs it.
  • Finally, after the installation is complete, you will have a game icon on your screen. Open it, and enjoy.

Note: Clash of Mafia Mod APK is 100% safe for All devices. So, don’t worry and press the given Download Button and Enjoy your dreaming leaf in real.

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Clash of Mafia Mod APK everything unlocked latest version with a fantastic strategy game. You can play this game with sharp and intelligent plans against your enemies. To make a reputation and spread territory, firstly select the weapons for characters, build the base, train the gang, and spend the gold to purchase VIP status/time. Don’t waste on the chicks; use the girl to improve your reputation and income. And fight with lower gangs and destroy them. You can get these unique free features of Clash of Mafia Mod APK download latest version on happy mod clash site.

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