Clash of Lords: Guild Castle Mod APK (Unlimited Money) 2022

Are you ready to play your favorite strategy game with a pit and punch someone? Now we are ready to tell you about this strategy game Clash of Lords: Guild Castle Mod APK is available with unlimited Gems and Money. Just go down and know about your Heroes and what they do here. We Also Share some more strategy games such as Kingdom Clash, Clash Quest, etc.

File Info

NameClash of Lords: Guild Castle Mod APK
Current Version1.0.491
Size64 MB
RequirementsAndroid 4.0 and Above

Clash of Lords: Guide Castle Mod APK

In this game Heroes ready to fight against frightens fiends! Our heroes fight with them and control all the situation and become world warlords. To make sure your survival you will need wit and will and we can’t tell you about strength because it is an important factor to train your army and controlling all actions.

Clash of Lords Mod APK is a strategy game with amazing features that are unlimited for players. In this Clash Mod APK, you have to become a Lord or Master. And you have to build a Town that provides you necessary resources to train your army against opponents. After that, the first thing is to build a Special barracks and research center for your troops which will help to train your army and become stronger against enemies. And the important thing is that don’t forget about the defense. It is valuable other ways enemy destroy you and your clash become end before a clash. So, it’s time to clash with your enemies.

This Clash of Lord APK is full of heroes. They have different characteristics and abilities to make them different from each other. So, make a great combination of your favorite heroes. Make a strategy against opponents make fates and practice in your kingdom. The first thing here studies your enemies and apply these planned fates in different ways to win.

Clash of Lords: Guide Castle is developed by expert developers IGG.Com This Developer had developed 2 more games like Clash of Lords2: Guild Castle Mod APK and Clash of Lords2: Clash Divin Mod APK. In addition, there are 50 different heroes, and their components are always ready to fight against opponents. Also, fight to behave with their friends over 10 PVE and PVP modes!

Now it is available for Android+ iOS and PC. You can play Clash of Lords Mod APK in your free time or exercise your brain to make it fresh and after playing this game you will have the different energy to work and become successful in your field. Play with your friends and make it more fun and show your hidden leadership abilities.


Clash of Lords Mod APK Fantastic Features

Clash of Lords APK has many features furthermore after being developed in the mod form it has more enhanced features which make it more excited for all users. It is available to download for Android, iOS, and PC. You can play it on your PC just download it from this website and enjoy it with your buddies.

  • Unlimited Money/Coins

In the Clash of Lords Mod APK, you will have Unlimited Money which makes it more valuable for all users. You can get unlimited Money/Coins without paying or waiting. Don’t need to go to the game store for these. You just go and purchase things from these. So, to get these press the download link from Happy mod clash.

  • Unlimited Gems/Diamond

You can get unlimited Gems and Diamond here. You can use them to build your castle and maintain your position as a leader. By using these you can train your army and select more and more and make a huge field. After these, you can defend yourself and your kingdom and also spend these free to get resources that help you in war.

  • Build your Base

You have to build your base where you will train your troops and use them in the fight against the opponent. After building you never forget to upgrade your castle to maintain position and rank with your friends and another player who plays from all over the world.

Clash of Lords Mod APK

  • Play with Friends

Clash of Lords: Guild Castle Mod APK gives this opportunity to play with your best buddies and also you can make more friends from the whole world and make a strong bond. In addition, you can play behave your friends in war make a team and play well against the other player and show your strong bonding. Further, it has 10 PVE and PVP modes to play with friends.

  • Become the Best Warlord

Here, you will become the best warlord on earth in the game by, defending your kingdom and training your army. Also, control all the situations and play boom with a different strategy against your opponents and win again and again and get rewards and rank up from other players. You will call the best warlord of Clash of Lords APK.

  • Event Challenges

In this latest version of Clash of Lords: Guild Castle Mod APK that is event challenges. Such as Valentine’s Day events and others. These make it more excited for all users. These start at the event start day and end at last. Some events start on the 1st date of the month and end on the last date of the month. Take part and become popular in the clash.

  • No Ads

Play your favorite game Clash of Lords without ads. No more ads=happy. Play your all clash games ads-free on your favorite devices. Play non stop and make fun in your life. Invite your best buddies and play with them also make more to experience the real meaning of clash games.

  • Upgrade your Heroes

This amazing feature makes it more excited that is upgrade your heroes. Through this, you will become more powerful against the other players. It means more power= more fun and fun= no boring. You will not be bored if you play with all rules and after getting this unlimited everything thing defiantly you can’t be bored.

Clash of Lords Mod APK

  • Easy to Play

Clash of Lords: Guild Castle Mod APK latest version is easy to play you just make a strong combination of heroes with Troops and train them with different strategies you will become a winner just apply this trick and win. When you play the first time you feel hard but with time, you will enjoy it because you become strong at that time.

  • Win Jewelers and Heroes

It adds a new feature that you can win jewelers and heroes every day by just free login on this. You can get heroes for free by just pressing the button to download Clash of Lords Mod APK.

Download Clash of Lords: Guild Castle Mod APK

How to download Clash of Lords 1 on your Android +iOS, PC, and laptops. If you don’t know about it so, don’t worry. We have solved this problem. Just press the download link and follow all these instructions and install it on your devices.

  • Firstly, download Clash of Lords Mod APK for Android, go to the settings > and security > and enable the “Unknown sources” because Android devices don’t allow Mod features.
  • Secondly, press the download button, and the downloading will start on your devices.
  • Thirdly, it shows you a warning sign but ignores and installs it.
  • Finally, after the installation is complete, you will have the Clash of Lords Mod APK game icon on your screen. Open it, and enjoy.


Clash of Lords: Guild Castle Mod APK is available for different devices and easy to play by updating. You can play with your friends and make more friends from all over the world. Win Heroes and Gems/Money in an Unlimited amount. To get all these features that we have shared above just download Clash of Lords Mod APK by Happy mod Clash.

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