Clash of Kings: The West Mod APK (Unlimited Money) 2022

Are you looking for a strategy game like Clash of Kings: The West Mod APK? Then you are at the right site. We have shared many strategy games in this including Clash of Kings, and Clash of Queen, and also see Clash of Civilizations. In this Mod APK game, users get unlimited money, gems, and elixirs. Download Clash of Kings: The West latest version by happy mod clash.

File Info

NameClash of Kings: The West Mod APK
Current Version2.112.0
Requirements4.1 and up
DeveloperElex Wireless

Clash of Kings: The West Mod APK

It is an amazing strategy game in this Mod APK game you will struggle for surviving the game. You will be cropping and building your buildings and doing other things to upgrade your levels. Clash of Kings: The West release date is 06/28/2016. But this game is new for everyone due to its daily update.

It is developed by Elex Wireless. His team is highly expert in this gaming field. So, don’t about how you will install it on your devices it is 100% safe. Available Clash of Kings: The West Android, iOS, Tablets, ipads, etc.

Clash of Kings: The West Mod APK Gameplay

In the Gameplay of Mod APK Game is users firstly go for cropping and farming their fields and make an army that will help to fight with users’ enemies who always ready to destroy the new one. Users have to build their buildings where they train their troops and make them strong. The second thing users have to build a hidden castle for the king where the king lives and guides their kingdom.

Remember that users have to save their main castle where the king lives and king. If the player’s enemy reaches that king’s place and destroys the castle and then it means you will lose everything, especially after the king. When the king dies the complete hold on everything enemies. You will lose everything and your game will end. So, to make this position opposite and make yourself a leader then lead your troops and make a strong and sharp strategy and win everything from your opponents.

Furthermore, build gorgeous and large cities, as well as businesses where you can purchase and sell a variety of goods such as meat and vegetables. Make armor stores for your army and then arrange the rest of your army’s activities. Stronger lords, armies, armors, and a fortress are needed in this game to beat other kingdoms and earn or take money and coins as well as bonuses.  Additionally, you may now utilize all of the Clash of Kings: The West premium features unlocked for free.


Clash of Kings: The West Mod APK Features

Users can get Unlimited infinity features by happy mod clash by just downloading and installing it from here. Let’s see Unlimited free premium features that will make this game easy to play for everyone.

  • Unlimited Money

Clash of Kings: The West Unlimited Money latest version gives you free of cost. Users are worried about the money they want to buy different things which will help to upgrade the things and rescuers. But if users download latest version unlimited money from here.

  • Unlimited Gems

Users can get Clash of Kings Unlimited money and gems. Players can use these to build a castle for the king and to make a large kingdom. Users can buy things which they need by just spending this gold without spending real money.

  • Unlocked Everything

Download Clash of Kings: The West unlocked everything. This modded latest version makes this game easier and easier to play for kids and adults. Users can enjoy this game without facing any problems. It gives us all premium unlocked before this Mod APK game players are worried about these features because these are unlocked by playing well and hard struggle. But After the Modded version, it is easy to play.

  • Unlocked Characters

Clash of Kings: The West Mod APK Unlocked Characters this is bomb news for every user. Now play this Mod APK game with your favorite characters. So, Users can train them according to their choice and can see these characters in their place in the game. And the special thing is every character has different power and abilities. Try every character and choose one of them for a better experience.

  • Award Challenge

In Addition to the features, users can challenge the monster captain with the whole kingdom player in the Art of War Strategy Competition. A week of awards will be given to the finest strategy master. So, don’t be late and download Clash of Kings latest update version Mod APK and enjoy the challenges and get rewards against your opponents.

  • Unlimited Resources

Clash of Kings: The West Unlimited Resources’ new version gives you these amazing features. Users can use these resources to power up such as food, wood, and others thing which players use to protect. Players also do work to collect these resources food is necessary to live. To give strength to the dragon. Use these dragons in wars against your enemies. And use wood to build the castles.

  • PVP Battle

It is an amazing multiplayer game. Users can play PVP wars online against their enemies. It is the most popular Mod APK Game because it has been playing from all over the world. Users aren’t the only one who is creating money! In the greatest real-time strategy MMO game, play PVP online against thousands of other players. Build up your town to withstand an attack. Send your army out to destroy more cities. Gather their resources and take over their kingdom.

  • No Ads

The amazing thing about the Clash of Kings: The West APK in Modded form is that no ads. In the original one, ads make it annoying for the player but if you download Clash of Kings: The West attack strategy game by happy mod clash users can get an ads-free game without any issue. So, install it and enjoy it with your best friends.

  • MMO Universe Online Battles

Here, enters an incredible online environment where kingdoms fight for control of a PVP fantasy universe. Building a kingdom, creating your soldiers, and collecting resources are all part of the tactical MMORPG action. In this Clash of Kings the west online free multiplayer fight game, you take on the role of a character.

  • Build Alliances

Clash of Kings: The West is an online RTS MMO RPG in which you are the commander of an army. To protect yourself and others, form alliances. Join forces with some like army commanders to assist each other build cities, improving structures, and fighting enemy armies. Your partnerships may make or destroy you in this real-time strategy game.

  • 3D Graph

Clash of Kings: The West Mod APK new version gives us a 3D graphic game. This feature makes it easier and players enjoy this game because its 3D graphic structure makes it realistic kings wars.

  • Attractive Sound

Furthermore, its sound makes the users more excited especially its sound during the war makes the player excited and produces a spark in it to play well in that time sometimes this sound makes pressure on the player but this makes the game an entertainment piece in free time.

Clash of kings: the west mod APK

  • Castle Upgrade Requirements

Clash of Kings: The West Castle Upgrade Requirements we share some requirements according to the ranking.

1st Grade • Create awe (requires: lv 30 castle, LVL 30 walls, LVL 30 farm, LVL 30 wishing well, no resources)

  • Upgrade your castle ten times (requires: wonder, 4.43mil wood, 4.43mil food, 422k iron, 27k mithril, 100 prestige badges)

2nd Grade• Upgrade Wonder prestige 1 ten times (requires: Lvl 1 prestige walls, LVL 1 prestige Iron mine, LVL 1 prestige Wood mill, LVL 1 prestige mithril mine)

  • Upgrade your castle ten times (requires: wonder prestige LVL 1, 7.3mil wood, 7.3mil food, 695k iron, 44k mithril)

3rd Grade• Upgrade Wonder prestige 2 by ten times (requires: Lvl 2 prestige walls, LVL 2 prestige Depot, LVL 2 prestige Farm, 1.1mil iron, 9 prestige badges)

  • Increase the value of your fortress by ten times (requires: wonder prestige LVL 2, 13.3mil Wood, 13.3mil Food, 1,25mil iron, 400 prestige badges)

4th Grade•  Upgrade Wonder prestige 3 a total of 10 times in 4th grade (requires: Lvl 3 prestige Hospital, LVL 3 prestige Military Tent, LVL 3 prestige Sawmill, 1.96 m wood, 494k mithril, and 18 prestige badges)

  • Increase the value of your fortress by ten times (requires: 20.1m wood, 20.1m food, 1.91m iron, 120k mithril 760 prestige badges)

5th Grade• Increase your Wonder prestige 4 by ten times (requires: Lvl 4 prestige Stables, LVL 4 prestige Barracks, LVL 4 prestige iron mine, 3mil iron, 750k mithril, 32 prestige badges)

  • Upgrade your castle ten times (requires: wonder prestige LVL 4, 24.7mil Wood, 24.7mil Food, 2,35mil iron, 148k mithril 1100 prestige badges)
  • Real-Time Strategy Game

In Addition, in this Clash of Kings: The West RTS game you will increase the number of enemies. In this RTS PVE and PVP MMO combat game, other lords of opponents will attempt to destroy your city and your power. As you move with your army into war for your lands or to take someone else’s, always be ready for action.

Clash of Kings: The West Mod APK Download

How to download Mod APK Game on Android, iOS, tablets, iPads, and other devices. If you want this unlimited infinity feature Mod APK game on your devices you should follow these given steps.

  • Firstly, download Clash of Kings: The West for Android, go to the settings > and security > and enable the “Unknown sources” because Android devices don’t allow Mod features.
  • Secondly, press the download button, and the downloading Mod APK game will start on your devices.
  • Thirdly, it shows you a warning sign but ignores and installs it.
  • Finally, after the installation is complete, you will have a Mod APK game icon on your screen. Open it, and enjoy.

Note: It is 100% safe for all devices.


Clash of Kings: The West Mod APK download for android, for PC, is fantastic with free features such as unlimited money, gems, and Diamonds and unlocked characters, unlocked premium features. And its real-time strategy wars make it more excited for every player through this player is always active and alert for wars. So, what are you looking for? Just press the download button and enjoy best mobile Game by happy mod clash site.

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